The objective of the Raleigh Claims Association is to inspire activities of members in a manner that will dignify the profession; encourage higher standards of conduct and technical ability; to encourage cooperation and foster cordial relations among members; to improve adjusting methods; to encourage educational efforts in all subjects relating to adjusting; and to promote the general welfare in the handling of claims.

Each year, the Raleigh Claims Association recognizes and honors an individual from the insurance industry for their contributions to the industry and to the objectives of the Raleigh Claims Association. The past recipients have given the extra effort to make a difference within their company, department and within the industry they represent.

Each year we request your input regarding an individual who has made a significant contribution towards the goal and objectives of the RCA. Please take a moment to consider someone you know who should be nominated. The nominee must be a paid Member of the Raleigh Claims Association. Your nomination may remain anonymous if you prefer, but it will be given the same consideration in determining the year’s recipient.

You can either fill out the form below and submit your nomination or download the application and submit nominations by email to or by mail to P.O. Box 10183, Raleigh, NC 27605.

All nominations must be received by November 30th.

(Filling in all blanks is not required; this may be submitted in narrative form. The purpose of the form is to serve as a guide, not as requirements for the award.)

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